Australian Chestnuts

‘Make everyday meals special with Chestnuts’


Deliciously healthy and ultra-tasty, fresh Australian chestnuts are the most versatile ingredient in season from mid-March until July. 

Australian chestnuts are quite different from other nuts, both nutritionally and in a culinary sense. In 2020, over 1,100 tonnes of fresh chestnuts were harvested in Australia across approximately 300 chestnut orchards. Like with most fresh produce, there are many different varieties of chestnuts and each has its own distinctive characteristics. The four most-planted varieties are Red Spanish, Purton’s Pride, De Coppi Marone and Bouche de Betizac.


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1. They’re So Good For You!

There’s no denying the health benefits of chestnuts. These delicious seasonal nuts are low in fat and also offer a healthy dose of vitamin C, which is something you don’t get from other nuts! Chestnuts also provide folate, potassium, antioxidants, dietary fibre and are low in kilojoules with a 30 gram serve providing 217 kJ (52 Cal).

2. They’re Gluten-Free!

Chestnuts are gluten-free making them a perfect addition to the diets of those with coeliac disease or a gluten intolerance. Use pureed chestnuts to thicken sauces, in casseroles and soups! Chestnut meal is also a useful replacement in baked products. Try this gluten-free chestnut and chocolate brownie recipe made with ground chestnut meal!

3. They’re a delight for the senses!

When it comes to aroma, taste and texture, chestnuts tick all of the boxes! When roasted and eaten straight from the shell the aroma is sweet and the texture is reminiscent of crispy roast potatoes with a soft centre. So easy and so delicious!

4. They are incredibly versatile!

With their enormous versatility, this autumn Australian chestnut growers are saying, “Give chestnuts a go!” Chestnuts can be roasted, grilled, barbecued or boiled. Once cooked they can used in a wide variety of different dishes. Served whole, halved, in pieces or pureed, the versatility of chestnuts stretches from hearty European stews and spicy Asian stir-fries to roast stuffing’s and creamy soups. Try adding chestnuts to ravioli fillings or burger patties!

5. They’re delicious in sweets too!

Prized for their adaptability and flavour, chestnuts work equally well in savoury and sweet dishes. Try a chestnut and chocolate mousse or a creamy chestnut tiramisu! A simple chestnut cream can be used to layer between meringues, sponges and pastry or served with poached seasonal fruits. Try a fresh take on Power Balls with pureed dates, cacao, nuts, seeds and cooked chestnuts!

Australian Chestnuts

Australian Chestnuts are also a good source of folate and surprisingly contain immune boosting vitamin C which is not found in other nuts, it’s no wonder they score a full 5 stars on the health star rating!

Grown, harvested and packed in the high altitude regions of Australia the season for fresh Australian Chestnuts runs from March – July and most major supermarkets, and specialised green grocers stock Australian Chestnuts throughout the season, and if they don’t, they can certainly order them in for you.  You can also purchase Australian Chestnuts direct from Growers online and at the Farm Gate where advertised.

Lots of people ask us about the taste and health benefits of Australian Chestnuts and the best response we can give, is to give them a go today and you will be pleasantly surprised!!